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26th February 2017 John Symons   Romans 8v12-17    - sorry poor quality recording

How do we know? Assurance.

19th February 2017 John Symons   Romans 8v1-13    - sorry poor quality recording

We are not debtors

12th February 2017 John Symons   Romans 8v1-4   - sorry poor quality recording

Set Free

29th January 2017   Chris Hughes  Matthew 26v36-56 

Privilege, Power and Passion.

22nd January 2017    Eric Parker   Acts 1v12-26   - sorry poor quality recording

How did the church begin?

15th January 2016    Ben Thomas   Lamentations 3v21

Where is the hope?



4th December 2016 AM David Pickard     Luke 1 v26-38 

Mary - How God works

27th November 2016 AM Ted Slade   John 1v1-14  - sorry poor quality recording

 In the Beginning God

20th November 2016 AM David Abernethie  John 11 v1-5 & V17-44 - sorry poor quality recording

The Death of Lazarus- What do we learn about Jesus ?

6th November 2016 AM Steve Crockford Proverbs 30v1-9 - sorry poor quality recording

Proverbs Series - Proverbs of Ague Son of Jakeh

30th October 2016 AM Steve Crockford Proverbs 9v10  - sorry poor quality recording

Proverbs Series - The Prudent Application of Knowledge and Experience

23rd October 2016 AM Steve Crockford   

Proverbs Series - Wisdom and Wisdom Literature

16th October 2016 AM Brian Hill  Colossians 1 v 3-14

Ministry to our Community we are part of

9th October 2016 AM Graham Womersley  2 Cor 4v7-18   & Hebrews 12v1-3

Maintaining a Clear Vision when life gets tough

25th September 2016 AM Colin Partridge  Gen 22v14

Jehovah Jireh - The Lord will Provide - A celebration of God’s Provision

11th September 2016 AM Doug Barnett  Psalm v1-15

A Promise of a Merciful and Gracious God

17th July 2016 AM Colin Partridge  Ephesians 4 and 1 Peter 2

Prepared for service - How do we use our gifts?

10th July 2016 AM Colin Partridge  Ephesians 4 v1-6  & 14-16

Living in unity and peace in a gentle way is at the heart of church life.

3rd  July 2016 AM John Symons Daniel 2v19-45

Power comes from God

 12th June 2016 AM Tim Drake  Luke 10v25-37

Living a life of Service 

5th June 2016 AM Eric Parker  John 10 v22-30

Safe in the Hands of God

29th  May 2016 AM Ted Slade      1 Thessalonians 1v2-10 & Acts 17 v1-10

Your Work of Faith , Your Labour of Love, Your  Endurance through Hope.

22nd May 2016 AM  Tom Wederell       Psalm 19v1-12

Can I know God?  - Look -Read -Pray

15th May 2016 AM  Stephen Gilham       Psalm 86v1-7

Pleas for Help - Praise to God - Results and Challenge of his Mediation,

8th May 2016 AM  Graham Blyth       Exodus 16-17

God’s Provision

24th April 2016 AM  David Matson   2 Peter 3v3-13

Coming - Ready or Not!

17th April 2016 AM  Martin Poole       Psalm 139v1-12 and John 1v43-51

Nathaniel – O Lord you know me

6th March 2016 AM  David Pickard 2 Kings 5v 1-18

Elisha part 3 - (Naaman) Amazing Grace - Grace is active - Grace is humble - Grace reverses expectations - Grace is prescriptive - Grace freely transforms.

28th February 2016 AM  David Pickard 2 Kings 4v1-7

Elisha part 2 - A widow’s Predicament & plea, Elisha’s personal intervention & God’s amazing provision.

21st February 2016 AM  David Pickard 2 Kings 3v1-20

Elisha part 1 - Elisha a man willing to serve, a man filled with the Word of God, A man of immense integrity and compassion, and a man willing to wait for God to speak.

14th February 2016 AM   John Balchin   John 15v1-17

Fruitful by abiding in the Vine

7th February 2016 AM   David Abernethie   Acts 11 v19-30

The church at Antioch - Lessons from a growing churches

31st January 2016 AM  Colin Howard Joshua 24v 1-4 & 13-24

Throw away from foreign gods that are among you and yield yourselves to the LORD

24th January 2016 AM  David Tucker  1 Thessalonians 4v1-12

What is Man?  Part 3  Man Renewed

17th January 2016 AM  David Tucker  Ephesians 2v1-10

What is Man?  Part 2  Man Alive (For Technical reasons this sermon is not available on the website contact Tim if you want to hear it.)